The different Steps for Music Creation Process

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This blog post has been written by Miutifin, one of Bridger's partners.

How long does it take to go from the creation to the distribution of a music track? There are many steps, involving many tools.

Here is a small glimpse into the world of creation and distribution for all artists, singers, producers, musicians – everyone. As an artist, you know that the process of creating and distributing a song is a lengthy one – obviously you have to dedicate time to it and it is important to do it well – but you also know that in order to complete this process you have to use many different tools, have registered accounts and subscription plans, and that you will be needing to upload and download files at every step of the way.

Today we will describe some of these steps to give an idea of ​​the various alternatives available.

First step – create your own song

Let’s start by choosing the software for the creative work. There are different types: free and paid, offline and online, semi-professional and professional; there are also different apps (but these are similar, and do not form part of today’s topic).


Most people today use offline software, because it is more complete, if a little more expensive. But even when you buy that software, you still never have everything you need already to hand. You will also need to connect external equipment for some of the sounds you wish to create, and buy, download and install various external plugins or sound packs. So the cost of the software license will not be the only investment you will have to make in order to be able to create your music.

Once you have bought all these items, you will have a fantastic music creation kit, but you will also need some additional budget, proficiency in music production and an in-depth knowledge of the software, as well as a good computer with a good memory.  


An alternative to the above is to use a free online platform, which probably won’t need to use your computer’s memory, or require high performance, and will in most cases have free open-ended plans with plenty of tools for creating a finished music track.

If you are an experienced musician but making your first steps into recording you will not find so many complete but simplified online platforms for creating music tracks, which also offer enough free cloud space. An interesting solution could be Miutifin, which allows you to create music online through the Worktable, a tool composed of a timeline divided by unlimited addable channels, where you can edit and assemble sounds, loops, backing tracks or vocal tracks. The platform offers a number of free packages as well as 1GB of cloud space available for free, and the production system has been made intuitive and simple.  

It is also possible to upload samples, sounds, songs and music files from your computer, and to sing live and upload your own voice to the project.

Collaboration and file transfer

By exploiting online technology it is also possible to cooperate with other artists and work remotely on the same musical project, thus avoiding a second problem – the sending and use of files from user to user.

Through Miutifin it will be possible to work together with other artists on the same musical project, or to send music files, projects and sounds directly to another user’s Miutifin account, in order to skip the upload and download phase, and reduce the times of transfer.

Second step – share your song

Once you have created the track, it’s time to share it online.

Here, too, the decision is important, because we must not only choose which platforms but which service to use to reach them.

First of all, you will need to export the final track if you used an offline software, then upload it to a distribution platform, pay a fee to use the service, select the streaming platforms where you wish to publish the track and wait 7 to 10 days for upload.

In the case of Miutifin, after creating the track, simply go to the menu and, with a click, insert some information about the project. The track will then be uploaded online in the streaming section of Miutifin – fast.


The process of creating and sharing music has always been split across a wide range of tools, each dealing with different functions. This has led to lengthy publication times, and made things difficult and unduly expensive for inexperienced users.  

Obviously, this description of the musician’s creative path is cursory, but we will be fleshing it out in greater depth and detail in future articles.

Today, thanks to technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is possible to simplify the entire process somewhat, delegating functions to the machine itself, since it can now operate intelligently with respect to user preferences.

Additionally, being able to assign the management of creation and publication to a single ecosystem saves time and money for creative musicians, as they will only need to interface with a single service and pay a single fee for everything.

This is what the Miutifin team is doing – offering a service that simplifies the entire chain and opens the way even to talented artists who have less experience of the technical side of music creation. If you would like to try this service, you can register with Miutifin, create your own song and publish it online with just a few clicks.

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