How to optimize your production costs as an artist? (PT.2)

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It feels like music production has never been easier than it is now, in 2023. With more accessible equipment, more tools to record and mix your sounds, and more digital tools to promote your music around the world, creating and producing your music has become a breeze, right?

Yes, but too many artists still struggle to optimize their production costs, especially when it comes to promoting their work internationally. If this is true for you, here is all you need to know to be able to produce your music without breaking the bank.

5 - Broadcasting your production online

To distribute your works online on Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music, there are now many digital distributors with different prices and strategies.

Some distributors are entirely dedicated to independent artists, while others work only with labels. The wisest course of action is to study the commissions they take and any additional services they can offer such as physical distribution.

Here are some examples of digital distributors:

  • iMusician (between $0 and $100 /year) - commissions: between 0% and 10% depending on the offer chosen
  • TuneCore (between $0 and $49.99 /year) - payment per release possible - commissions: 15%
  • CD Baby (between $9.99 and $49.99) - payment per release - commissions: 9% of revenues on streams and downloads, 30% for plays on social networks (standard offer)
  • DistroKid ($22.99 /year)
  • RouteNote ($10 /release) - commissions: 15% retained if you choose the free package

Physical distribution:

  • Inouïe Distribution - pays 85% of digital revenues depending on the selling price of your CD or vinyl and the type of contract you have subscribed to
  • CD Baby (between $9.99 and $49.99) - payment per release - $4 commission on physical sales

So be sure to study the market carefully before choosing your distributor and the formula best-suited to your business plan.

6 - Protect your music production and collect your rights.

It is strongly recommended that you take the necessary steps to protect your work, and thus to optimize your production costs. You should also make sure that everything is in order on your side by joining the organizations that allow you to collect your copyright and master rights money according to the channels where your works will be broadcast.


  • protect the recording
  • protect the writing
  • protect the score
  • last 70 years

Neighboring rights (master rights):

  • arise from the broadcasting of the work
  • are repeated at each broadcasting
  • apply to remixes of your works 
  • to streams in playlists
  • concern all performers of the work

As we have seen before, there are many players in the streaming platforms scene. But these distributors do not collect all your rights. You can therefore, once again, supplement your income by registering for free with Bridger to receive all the royalties you generate across all the various streaming platforms.

7 - Find financing

You can also look for financing for your project:

  • by proposing your musical project on a crowdfunding platform
  • by taking part in musical springboards

This “hunt for subsidies” is a long-term job, but putting in the research will allow you to optimize your costs and income.

8 - Promote your production internationally

It has been said before, but it bears repeating, that social networks are a golden opportunity for promoting your music. In 2023, anyone can broadcast their music internationally, and therefore promote it.

We’ve seen plenty of evidence of this with TikTok, viral music, and the emergence of thousands of artists via Spotify or Deezer: the power of these channels is worth all the investments in the world.

Social media advertising campaign ($200 - $2,000)

In addition to organic posts on social media, you can launch advertising campaigns on Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube.

All the platforms have an Advertising interface. So, with Ads ($30 - $50), you can make your mark on every continent.

Use the services of an agency (~$6,000)

If you want to follow a more traditional route, you can also turn to a specialized agency. Most of them offer to broadcast your work on radio stations and in clubs, as well as finding you concert dates.

What do I need to remember?

At every stage of your music production process, there are choices to be made.

You can choose to make a sizeable investment in order to optimize these steps. You can also delegate to pros, who will always cost you more than freelancers. But, as you know, a professional will tend to give you a better-quality result.

Finally, turning to online players for your label, your distribution, and your promotion will allow you to optimize the global cost of your project. You will need to arrive at the balance that is right for you by studying all the various steps of the process, weighing various pros and cons, and taking into account the time and means you have at your command. 

Also, don’t forget that festivals, showcases and your network are just as important as all the solutions listed here when it comes to producing and promoting your work.

What do I need to remember?

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