How does Bridger work?

That's simple, we collect your copyright royalties generated on streaming services. 
We unlock the missing part of your music rights.
With Bridger, songwriters get a new source of revenues.

Unlock your copyright with Bridger

No more administrative headaches.
Register and claim your musical works in just a few minutes to start collecting your royalties.

Your Account

Create your account in just a few minutes by syncing your Deezer or Spotify accounts.

Your Mandate

Sign the mandate allowing us to collect your copyright royalties on streaming platforms.

Your Music Rights

Let us know if some of your musical works have been written in collaboration with other songwriters.

Your Revenues

We’ll take it from here and will start collecting your copyright royalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rights does Bridger collect?

How much does Bridger cost?

My digital distributor already collects my royalties. Why should I join Bridger?

I am already affiliated with a CMO/PRO (Sacem, Sabam, Gema, BMI…). Why should I join Bridger?

When and how often will I receive my earnings?

Does Bridger claim copyright from the past?

CD Baby Pro is a worldwide distribution and royalty collection service for independent musicians. How does Bridger differ from or complement this?

Does Bridger collect the same rights as Songtrust? How do artists already affiliated with Songtrust stand to benefit from signing up with Bridger?

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