How to press my vinyl records as an independent artist?

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This blog post has been written by Diggers Factory, one of Bridger's partners.

For emerging artists navigating the competitive music landscape, establishing a distinct presence can feel like an uphill climb. In a world dominated by digital streaming, making an indelible mark as an indie musician can be daunting. However, there's a secret weapon that not only cultivates devoted fan bases but also bolsters your earnings while delivering a tangible experience to your supporters – the allure of vinyl records. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the transformative power of pressing vinyl records and why Diggers Factory stands as the perfect solution.

The Vinyl Renaissance: A Tangible Musical Connection

In an era where music often exists as fleeting digital streams, vinyl records offer an exceptional and tangible connection between musicians and their dedicated followers. There's a certain magic in holding a vinyl record, admiring its meticulously crafted cover art, and gently placing the needle onto the grooves. It transcends the digital realm, forging a deeper connection between artist and listener.

Challenges for Independent Musicians

Yet, traditional vinyl production has traditionally posed complex and costly challenges, making it a distant dream for many independent artists. The expenses associated with vinyl manufacturing, the unpredictability of demand, and logistical complexities have discouraged countless talented musicians from venturing into this realm.

Empowering Musicians: Diggers Factory's Solution

Now, envision a world where you can press vinyl records without the financial risks and intricacies linked to traditional methods. This is precisely what Diggers Factory brings to the table for independent artists.

Diggers Factory serves as a revolutionary platform empowering indie musicians to effortlessly produce vinyl records, making it accessible to those who might have previously deemed it unattainable. Here's a glimpse of how it operates:

  1. Crowdfunding Vinyl Production: Diggers Factory leverages a crowdfunding model, enabling artists to assess demand before committing to production. With the ability to set a pre-order goal, starting at a modest 100 copies, musicians can fund their vinyl projects without any initial expenses – an avenue with zero financial risk.
  2. Comprehensive Support: Diggers Factory goes above and beyond crowdfunding. They offer comprehensive assistance throughout the entire production and distribution process. This encompasses access to production facilities, logistical support, distribution networks, mastering studios, graphic design services, and much more.
  3. Exclusive Limited-Edition Releases: In addition to standard vinyl production, Diggers Factory specializes in crafting limited-edition vinyl releases. These exclusive editions feature unique designs and thoughtfully curated tracks, adding an extra layer of allure for fans and collectors.

Elevating Independent Musicians' Earnings

Beyond the emotional connection, vinyl records offer a substantial boost in revenue for independent artists. Vinyl sales have been experiencing a resurgence, with fans willing to pay a premium for physical copies of their beloved music. By opting to press vinyl records through Diggers Factory, artists can tap into this thriving market and generate income that can be reinvested in their musical journey.

What do I need to remember?

For independent artists, the dream of seeing their music pressed onto vinyl records is no longer an elusive fantasy. Diggers Factory has revolutionized the process, rendering it accessible, risk-free, and financially lucrative. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement: artists gain steadfast fans, tangible collectibles are crafted, and revenue streams are diversified. So, if you're an independent artist aiming to elevate your music and offer your fans something genuinely extraordinary, consider utilizing Diggers Factory for vinyl production. It's the gateway to unlocking a realm of possibilities and bringing your music closer to the hearts of your devoted supporters. For a limited time, all Bridger members get a 20% discount on their platform. Find the code in your personal account's "The Club" section.

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