Bridger released a new feature: Collaborative Works Registration

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We know that registering your musical works is one of the most complicated administrative duties you have as an artist. In an era when a track can easily have up to 10 co-writers, we created a new feature that removes a serious pain point for musical work registration and furthers our mission to make music copyright accessible to all.

As an author, composer, or songwriter, you can now easily register a track created with several people and all the rights-owners of that track can start collecting their copyright within minutes. Bridger’s new feature is already available to all members at no additional charge.

In a nutshell: When you register a musical work on Bridger, you are invited to indicate if other rights-owners have participated in its creation. If so, you will enter the names of the other creators, their contact info, and suggest an applicable split (share of the rights). Regardless of whether the other co-creators are Bridger members or members of other organizations, they will have to validate the proposed splits or make their counterproposals, to avoid future disputes.

If you want to find out how it works, check out this video describing the process.

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