Music Copyright Management made simple

Bridger offers a new, easy and intuitive copyright management solution for all songwriters. In just a few minutes, artists can unlock an additional source of revenue on top of their digital distributor.

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How is Bridger helping songwriters with their music rights?

Increase your revenues

Bridger collects your copyright royalties generated on streaming services while your online distributor only collects your master royalties. With Bridger, you unlock a new source of revenues.

A free offer

With Bridger, you can only make money. There are no registration or annual fees. You keep 90% of your earnings.

Easy to use

No more administrative headaches. Register your musical works in just a few minutes. Our interface is designed to make the entire process accessible and to explain the complex music industry vocabulary.

Grow your music career

At Bridger, we believe music industry knowledge is key to your career growth. Through free educational content, we give you the opportunity to become an expert and therefore make the best decisions throughout your career.

Become a music industry expert

Music industry knowledge is key to your career growth.
Discover all of our educational resources about the music industry and music rights management to make the best decisions for your career.

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